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I have mentioned EnigmaLink in my previous blog as our first application built on our cloud encryption platform (an easy to use alternative to CloudHSM from Amazon). Today, we posted it to the ProductHunt website.

If you have a minute, please check EnigmaLink at ProductHunt.

I have little experience with ProductHunt so it’s been quite a learning curve. The whole concept of ProductHunt is based on indirection. Only people with an “invite” can submit a new product and you can add comments to discussions only after you’ve earned it. But this is another story.

We have developed EnigmaLink as the first public application built on our platform. Enigma Bridge cloud encryption platform is not a primary source of encryption in this case, but it provides access control and protection against password attacks.

EnigmaLink protects each shared document with at least two digital locks:

  • enigma_send_20160620Strong yellow key – (AES-256) that is part of the link you received.
  • Strong blue key – (AES-256) encrypted by the Enigma Bridge cloud HSM-based service. Enigma Bridge is a service using secure processors with high physical security. It means that no keys can be extracted.
  • Password (optional) – your optional password. It can only be verified by the Enigma Bridge service to prevent password attacks.

EnigmaLink is our first step in offering applications based on the Enigma Bridge service. If you like what we do, let me know or vote for us at ProductHunt.

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