“Progress and research in cybersecurity” by The Royal Society


“Encryption is a key technology that underpins trustworthy computing. As digital technologies become ever more central to our lives, encryption becomes more important, and any weaknesses in its implementation become greater risks. Governments must commit to preserving the robustness of end- to-end encryption, and promoting its widespread use.”

The whole report is available from https://royalsociety.org/topics-policy/projects/cybersecurity-research/ .

It’s a good news for us as cloud encryption on the application-level (end-to-end) is what we do. Unfortunately, that is not where cloud systems are heading. The reality is more about platform security = disk encryption protecting data-at-rest and HTTPS as the basis for data transport. That’s what you can get off-the-shelf these days.

“Trust” is used a lot – build trust between companies, establish trust of entities on the internet, and so on. Well, it’s been in issue from the early days of the internet and no good solution yet.

It is interesting to just skim section names: trust, resiliency, exchange of security breach information, data anonymization to protect user privacy, and “cyber-physical systems”, i.e., internet of things.

I’m not sure, I find the report pretty vague, though.

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