Smartcard Systems Redesigned

We have successfully delivered the first centralized smartcard signing solution about a year ago. From this week, Windows legacy applications can use smart cards in the cloud

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KeyChest – Getting Rid of Broken Padlocks

We all have seen it – I go to visit an interesting blog, DEFCON website, or pay for your parking on the go. But I can’t – the website or web service has an expired certificate and the “damn security wouldn’t let me do it”.

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PDF Signing, eIDAS for Companies – CloudFoxy

Category : crypto , cybersec

We have implemented a solution for eIDAS USB smart cards, with no drivers on user computers. We simply access smart cards HTTPS to sign PDF documents. A solution, which can be automated, integrated with an internal IT infrastructure, and managed by a dedicated support.

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CyberSec is Janitorial

Category : cybersec , governance , security

Point of discussion: “… No matter how much we rapture on about the virtues of Cyber Security, to The Business, we might as well be explaining the function of the U-bend. …”

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