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A Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul

You may know the mood when all seems to be done but new tiny issues keep cropping up every day … until they eventually disappear without you realizing it. The title has kind of sprung to my mind.

A lot has happened since my previous post and I indeed lived and breathed Enigma Bridge.  While we kept focussing on a particular market segment we decided to make our products easier to test by smaller companies – a new test/staging instance of Enigma Bridge service will be launched within days. We did a good progress business-wise as well. But one thing I want to mention in particular is an ASIRTA tool – a baseline profiler for data governance. Continue reading A Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul

Tokenisation – Introduction

Tokenisation is a hot topic as it makes card processing cheaper and more secure. The goal is to replace your card number with a random number that is hard to use for unauthorised transactions – and it removes the need to encrypt databases.

What we are primarily looking at now are mobile payments but we are designing solutions for e-commerce as well. Payment processing involves re-encryption of PINs (PIN-blocks) for card-present transactions.


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Card Payments and The Cloud

We are now integrating encryption into a corporate infrastructure and it made me think about payments and PCI audits. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. Anyone who got close enough to e-commerce, or card payments knows what a burden it is on running a business.

Sooo, I have spent some time this week thinking about architectures for “technical security systems”. I could say “cryptography” straight away, I guess. Thinking about protecting sensitive data that may be subject of independent audits.

The scope of PCI audits is given by storage and processing of credit card numbers and PINs (in case of Chip&PIN systems). Once you experience the pain, you definitely want to get “out of scope”. This is true for merchants just as banks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 00.10.41

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