KeyChest at Pitchfest 2019


KeyChest and another 19 of the Brightest Stars of UK Cyber Innovation will compete for the title of the UK’s Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company and one of 14 exhibition stands at the DCMS Innovation Zone at Infosecurity Europe.

On Monday, 8th April, I will present KeyChest in front of experts from EY, Becrypt, SonicWall, Raytheon, and Infosec Magazine at the Pitchfest event organized by the UK government.

Our pitch is a simple one.

78% of the internet traffic is now encrypted. Everyone scrambles to get HTTPS to their websites but only few know what it actually means. While it works now, it can fail without warning, five seconds later.

  • AMP – accelerated mobile pages;

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – score high in Google searches to get traffic;

  • Service Workers – browser-side processes providing amazing user experience;

  • Mixing multi-server content to provide users with more information; or

  • Good browsing experience – when webpages show as “trusted”.

oh yes, I forgot one:

  • protecting user data.

9 out of 10 web-servers will have HTTPS for reasons that have nothing to do with “encryption”, “security”, “data protection”. Most of these fall for the fallacy of “free encryption”, which goes as this:

I can get encryption keys for free. Which means I can get encryption for our web-servers for free. I tested it yesterday and it worked. So all those things above will work forever.

Out of the blue, three months later, you get fired. It turns out that web encryption is not so easy. If you asked, I’d tell you that HTTPS is based on one of the most complex encryption and key management schemes ever designed.

KeyChest offers end-to-end monitoring and notifications. It will automatically discover new services as you set them up with encryption.

Web encryption is however much more complicated than it looks. For starters, its keys expire. And when I say “expire” I mean it. They can be perfectly OK at 12:33:59 today and totally worthless at 12:34:00. KeyChest will tell you well in advance that this may happen – via email, instant notifications, with its online reports.

KeyChest will make sue that you don’t end up with websites no-one can access when you act with best intentions to improve your web presence. We protect your business’s revenue, you will be proud of your website and its security, and your users will have no reason to look at your competitors.

KeyChest doesn’t stop with monitoring. We keep improving its services and integrate it with certificate renewal mechanisms, especially for internal encryption. Our hardware platform can host multiple high-security chips for trusted anchors. These will prevent compromise of high-value keys for network-encryption (PKI trusted root CA keys).

Hardware platform for high-security trust anchors for network encryption.

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