Life at Enigma Bridge


We had another Enigma Bridge workshop / away days. We organise it every four to six weeks and it always surprises me how it energises everyone. True, we usually need a couple of days to recover so it’s good to finish on Friday.

This one lasted sixty eight hours and I use hours instead of days quite deliberately as it was again an incredibly productive time when every hour counts. When we can’t focus on technology anymore, we switch to marketing when we don’t have any new guerrilla ideas, we brainstorm strategy and this goes on and on till we think it’s time for our 6 hours of sleep.

84546698We work in two countries between these workshops and we make regular calls, video conferences, and instant messaging is an integral part of everyday routine. Still, “sharing” the same space seems to be something still impossible to substitute with any technology.

I guess the bottom line is that I can’t wait for the next workshop.

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