KeyChest now runs over 500,000 TLS checks every day

We checked recent statistics of the KeyChest service. While the overall load is gradually increasing, we also increase the number of checks we perform. It’s now over 500,000 a day since March 26. But we should be fine till a major system upgrade coming soon.

KeyChest is now doing over 520,000 TLS handshakes per day, which is about 6 TLS handshakes per second. All that for almost 50,000 domains you registered for monitoring!

Daily TLS checks performed by KeyChest

What was a bit of an unexpected surprise was a dip in the number of checks performed over 30 days, starting in mid March. We knew that the performance was not quite where it should be but the size and length of the decreased performance surprised me.

I guess it just makes it ever more important to finish the KeyChest re-factoring and upgrade the system as soon as possible.

We will start with the infrastructure overhaul, which will include a few hours long downtime as we will be switching the database to a MySQL NDB cluster with data nodes hosted on separate servers from the application to increase its robustness.

We will also introduce a new user interface, and functional features available to those who are willing to pay for monitoring of their certificates, but also for an automation support for certificate renewals.



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