Rick Dickinson – designer of ZX Spectrum – passed away

Rick is for me a real legend. He helped me with a design of one of my products and ever since, I admired his personality, approach to the design and his general attitude to technology and design. I was very sad to read he had passed away on the 24th of April.

Rick Dickinson’s product concept

I can’t remember how I got in touch with him and his company Dickinson Associates for the first time. I imagine I was simply searching for product designers near Cambridge, asking for a quotation to design a new look for my password manager.

Within a few weeks of our first meeting, he came up with several amazing design concepts.

Rick Dickinson’s product concept

We decided which one to go with and he then supported me with the whole process from the first 3D printed prototypes to molds created in China. We met several times and he made an unforgettable impression and massively increased my appreciation for product design and its complexities. … and how to make things happen.

Rick Dickinson’s product concept

I cannot by any means claim to be his friend. But he will remain one of the people who are my constant reminder of why it is worth trying to build new things. That there is a huge satisfaction in trying hard to make things not only functional but also beautiful.


Requiescat in pace.


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