KeyChest becomes part of Radical Prime Limited

As the core technology of Enigma Bridge had been in its cloud encryption platform, there was always a question whether we wanted to keep use-cases of this technology under the same company. This thinking resulted in a decision to create a spin-off. This was executed in January 2018 and resulted in funding of Radical Prime Limited.

As I intend to promote the new company, I will refresh the visual style of my blog. I will also share a bit more about what we are preparing for KeyChest shortly in a series of focused posts. Certificate monitoring is becoming one of the services of Radical Prime Limited.

Our aim is to support use of security in two ways. The first is to lower the risks related to security on online businesses. The second focus is to further simplify use of security so that users don’t have to be experts to fully benefit from its advantages.

Just like many of you, we recognize that the internet is moving towards “encrypt everything” approach and we want to support this transition as much as possible.

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